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I want to be a resource to you, not just when it comes to real estate. 



Service Providers

You have the home, now you need the professionals to work on it. Researching those people can be a full time job, I've put together a list of industry professionals to give you a place to start. From inspectors to movers this list will give you a great place to start! 

Restaurant Guide.jpg

Restaurant Guide

As an Austin Native, someone who loves to eat, and currently 6 months pregnant, I have lots of delicious recommendations. Here is a short list of my current favorites, you can reach out anytime if you want some more recommendations. Enjoy!  


Buyers Guide

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned veteran, it's difficult to remember every step. Use this guide as a resource along the way and call anytime with questions! 


Sellers Guide

Selling your home can seem so overwhelming. This simple guide will provide you with basic information to help you begin the process. I'm equally as excited to put a sign up in your yard as I am to take it down! Reach out anytime with questions.